A mighty demon smith crafts fine weapons deep in the mountains. These weapons are made of obsidian steel, the only material strong enough to penetrate dragon scales. We must descend to the forge and get hold of these weapons if we want to have a chance to defeat the dragon. I’m pretty sure the demon won’t give them away so be prepared for a difficult battle.


For the demon forge scene, we wanted a vivid environment that really makes you feel like you are deep down in the mountains. The area around the platform is covered by lava, there are flames and eruptions everywhere. Small fire splinters are hurled out of the lava and may end up bouncing on the platform.

The lighting is dark but with a red shimmer due to the presence of lava and fire. Torches add more atmosphere to brighten up certain areas with a warmer (orange) light. Statues guard this place, some holding blue flames that provide a different (colder) lighting to the area.

At the far end of the area is the actual blacksmith. Tools like an anvil, hammer, cauldrons and other devices can be seen along with a pile of weapons and armor of different types.

The demon forge

The Demon Smith

The demon smith is a flying creature that can close large gaps in a single turn. He is a powerful physical attacker, but his true uniqueness are his magic abilities. He is a pretty powerful offensive spellcaster with lots of lightning spells that ignore armor. Therefore, you cannot simply tank his hits with a well-equipped warrior but need to use magic on your own to survive.

Players won’t meet the demon smith until later in the game where they (hopefully) have developed their characters to be able to defeat him.