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Meet the Elven Assassin: You will love her Damage Spikes

Next in our series introducing playable character classes is the Elven Assassin, a deadly combo specialist. Tweet: The Assassin is your best bet if someone needs to be killed real quick, Lord Commander. The Elven Assassin is a very mobile melee fighter wearing light armor. She can close large distances with her Shadowstep making […]

Meet the Elven Witch: Her Hexes can be a true Life Saver

Today, we’ll have a closer look at the next elven character: the Witch. Tweet: The Witch can use powerful hexes. Don’t underestimate her, Lord Commander! The Witch is one of the playable spellcaster classes, but her magic is often subtle, almost unremarkable. As a consequence, the younger Lord Commanders may easily dismiss her for […]