Today, we want to give you more information on the Healer, an essential class in The Storm Guard to keep your party alive.

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The Healer is one of the most important members on the team. What he lacks in the offensive department, he more than makes up in keeping everybody alive. The Healer’s spells can be largely classified into healing spells, protection spells and utility spells.

Healing Spells

Healing spells are the most straightforward spells in the Healers arsenal. They essentially restore lost health. Healing comes in different forms: instant heals, healing over time, touch-based healing or party healing. They all have their pros and cons.

In general, most healing spells are not very energy efficient and trying to keep everybody at perfect health can put a lot of strain on your Healer’s energy pool. If your team takes a lot of damage, you will either go through a lot of energy potions or simply fail to keep up.

Healing Spell

The Healer using Heal on himself
In addition, relying on healing only can be dangerous: if a team member takes lethal damage during the enemy’s turn, then no amount of healing can revive that poor soul.

Protection Spells

The second focus of the Healer is on protection spells. Generally speaking, protection spells are more energy efficient than healing spells, especially in the late game. While healing spells try to fix damage that has already occurred, the idea behing protection spells is to prevent damage from happening in the first place. They are also superior to healing spells in reducing damage from heavy damage dealers that otherwise might kill a party member before you have a chance to heal them.

On the flip side, protection spells are more difficult to use as they require you to predict who is going to take damage.

Healer Protection Spell

The Healer using a Protection Spell on the Amazon

Utility Spells

The remaining Healer spells are utility. A perfect example for this would be spells that dismiss negative conditions on your allies.


This section lists the spells currently implemented for the Healer class (subject to balance changes). Healing spells have a blue, protection spells a violet background.

Skill Description

Heal (Healing Spell)

Heal target ally for +44…100.

Heal Other

Heal Other (Healing Spell)

Heal target other ally for +78…180. Cannot self target.

Heal Party

Heal Party (Healing Spell)

Heal party for +33…75.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch (Touch Healing Spell)

Heal target ally for +70…160. Must be adjacent to target.

Infuse Health

Infuse Health (Healing Spell)

Lose half of your health and heal target ally for 122…150% of the health lost. Cannot self target.

Healing Breeze

Healing Breeze (Healing Enchantment (4…10 turns))

Regenerate 12…27 health every turn.

Dismiss Condition

Dismiss Condition (Utility Spell)

Remove up to 1…3 conditions from target ally. Gain 2…5 energy. Requires condition on target.


Guardian (Protection Enchantment (3…7 turns))

Doubles chances to block or parry.

Protective Spirit

Protective Spirit (Protection Enchantment (3…7 turns))

Cannot take more damage in a single hit than 10% of target character’s maximum health.

Life Bond

Life Bond (Protection Enchantment (4…9 turns))

Redirect 1…3 of the damage taken back to the Healer. The redirected damage is reduced by 1…3. Healer loses 1 energy regeneration.

Shielding Hands

Shielding Hands (Protection Enchantment (4…9 turns))

Damage is reduced by 8…18. When the enchantment wears off, the Character is healed for another 22…50.

Shield of Absorption

Shield of Absorption (Protection Enchantment (4…9 turns))

Damage to this Character is reduced by 5. Every successive hit reduces another 5 damage (up to 50).

Tips & Tricks

  • You almost always want to have a Healer in your party. Be sure to recruit several over time if you can afford it. Healers, like all characters, may be dying or getting severely injured. You don’t want to find yourself with no healing abilities.
  • A Healer with no energy is not a great help for the team. You cannot keep everybody fully healed up at all times. You need to prioritize what to use your precious energy for.
  • Try to get familiar with protection spells. You cannot counter all damage with healing.
  • There are times where you can afford running a more energy efficient spell like Healing Breeze, and there are times where you need an emergency spell like Infuse Health. Learn to use the right spells for the right situation.