Today, we’ll have a closer look at the next elven character: the Witch.

Elven Witch

Tweet: The Witch can use powerful hexes. Don’t underestimate her, Lord Commander!

The Witch is one of the playable spellcaster classes, but her magic is often subtle, almost unremarkable. As a consequence, the younger Lord Commanders may easily dismiss her for being underpowered. However, the Witch can be a very powerful a team member and is often misunderstood and underrated.

The Witch excels in the following areas:

  • Hex enemies melee enemies turning their attacks against them.
  • Hex enemy spellcasters disrupting their abilities to use their spells.
  • Drain energy preventing key units from using their most powerful skills.
  • Shatter annoying enchantments on your enemies.

None of these spells look very spectacular at a first glance, but can prove to be extremely useful in battle.

The Witch casting Ineptitude on an Orc Warchief


Hexes are negative effects applied to your foes that last a number of turns. A hexed character will show a blue glyph rotating around their feet.

Skill Description

Degeneration (Hex (3…7 turns))

Hexed character loses 15 health every turn.


Failure (Hex (3…6 turns))

The hexed character has a 25% chance to miss. Every time this happens, the Witch regenerates 2…5 energy.


Clumsiness (Hex (2…4 turns))

The next attack the hexed character performs fails and he takes 33…75 damage.


Burden (Hex (2…5 turns))

Impose a burden on target foes. The target’s movement speed is reduced to 50%. Also hexes foes adjacent to target.

Rigor Mortis

Rigor Mortis (Hex (3…7 turns))

The hexed character is unable to block, parry, dodge or evade and cannot score a critical hit.

Soothing Images

Soothing Images (Hex (3…7 turns))

The hexed character cannot gain adrenaline.


Empathy (Hex (2…5 turns))

Every time the hexed character attacks, he takes 20…45 damage.

Curse Armor

Curse Armor (Hex (3…6 turns))

Target armor is reduced by 13…30.


Shame (Hex (2…4 turns))

The next time the hexed character uses a spell on one of his allies, the spell will fail and the Witch gains 6…14 energy.


Backfire (Elite Hex (2…4 turns))

Every time the hexed character uses a skill or spell, he takes 52…120 damage.


Ineptitude (Elite Hex (2…5 turns))

The next attack the hexed character performs fails, he takes 59…135 damage and is blinded for 2…4 turns.


In addition to hexes, the Witch also brings classic spells to the table. While hexes affect the target foe for a number of turns, spells effects are instant.

Skill Description
Power Defense

Power Defense (Buff (3…6 turns))

Increases the chance to parry to 75%. Whenever you parry, you will lose 3…1 energy or the buff will end.

Remove Enchantment

Remove Enchantment (Spell)

Removes 1…3 enchantments from target foe. You gain 7…15 energy and 35…80 health.

Energy Drain

Energy Drain (Spell)

Target foe loses 3…7 energy and you gain 6…14 energy.

Energy Burn

Energy Burn (Spell)

Target foe loses 3…7 energy and 5 health per energy point lost.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Witch is great against powerful single enemies like spellcasters or one-hit wonders. This makes her less useful in the early game when these enemies haven’t made an appearance yet. However, it is good to plan ahead and level one up, she will serve you well later.
  • When evaluating a skill, don’t just look at the damage. Curse Armor does zero damage, but can greatly amplify the damage your other characters do.
  • Disrupting an enemy healer with spells like Shame or Backfire can prevent him from countering any damage you may have done, which often assures a kill.
  • Spells that incapacitate attackers like Clumsiness or Ineptitude are great panic spells that can save an ally from sure death.