In this series, we’ll introduce all playable characters one by one. Today, it’s the Elven Hunter’s turn.
Elven Hunter

Tweet: The Elven Hunter can kill foes from a safe distance, Lord Commander.

The Elves have been suffering quite a bit during the last invasion from the north. They are a proud race and don’t permanently join the Storm Guard during times of peace, but if the need arises, they don’t fail to offer their services. The Elves are cunning fighters who favor agility over heavy armor and skill over brute force. You’d be a fool not to add them to your roster, Lord Commander.

The Elven Hunter has specialized in ranged combat. She is very proficient in using her longbow and is therefore invaluable in wearing down enemies from a distance. Her skills can be largely classified into damage skills, utility skills and survival skills.

The Hunter moves into a flanking position, then uses Flanking Shot on a Manticore.

Damage Skills

Many skills in the Hunter’s arsenal focus on dealing ranged damage. Skills like flanking shot, precision shot, needling shot or penetrating shot can be used to do a lot of damage from a distance. Some of these require special preconditions to be fulfilled while others are more general purpose.

Skill Description
Flanking Shot

Flanking Shot (Ranged Combat Skill)

Damage is increased by +11…25. Must be flanking target.

Precision Shot

Precision Shot (Ranged Combat Skill)

Damage is increased by +9…20. Cannot be dodged.


Barrage (Ranged Combat Skill)

Damage is increased by +7…15. Damages all foes adjacent to target.

Needling Shot

Needling Shot (Ranged Combat Skill)

Damage is increased by +11…25. No cooldown if target is below 50% health.

Penetrating Shot

Penetrating Shot (Elite Ranged Combat Skill)

Damage is increased by +15…35. Arrow has 20% armor penetration.

Utility Skills

Doing damage is always good, but sometimes it can be a better option to disable enemies, inflict conditions or capitalize on certain effects found on the Hunter’s target. Utility skills let you do a wide range of things that can be pretty handy in certain situations. This ranges from inflicting poison or bleeding conditions on your enemies to do damage over time, over attacking their energy or adrenaline pool to incapacitate them to crippling fast enemies so you have an easier time kiting them.

Skill Description
Crippling Shot

Crippling Shot (Ranged Combat Skill)

Aim for the legs. Target foe is crippled for 3…6 turns.

Scavenger Shot

Scavenger Shot (Ranged Combat Skill)

If target foe is suffering from a condition, gain +7…15 energy.

Deranging Shot

Deranging Shot (Ranged Combat Skill)

Reduce target foe’s adrenaline by 3…7. Target takes 5 damage for each point of adrenaline lost.

Debilitating Shot

Debilitating Shot (Ranged Combat Skill)

Aim for the head. Target loses 7…15 energy.

Hunter's Shot

Hunter’s Shot (Ranged Combat Skill)

Target foe is bleeding for 3…6 turns.

Apply Poison

Apply Poison (Buff (3…8 turns))

Every successful ranged attack poisons the target for 3 turns.

Incendiary Arrow

Incendiary Arrow (Ranged Combat Skill)

If target is enchanted, target foe is burning for 2…5 turns.

Burning Arrow

Burning Arrow (Elite Ranged Combat Skill)

Target foe is burning for 2…5 turns.

Survival Skills

The Elven Hunter prefers to stay on the backlines but in combat, things can easily get out of control. Therefore, she can also learn a couple of survival skills should she find herself in a tight situation.

Skill Description
Troll Elixir

Troll Elixir (Buff (3…7 turns))

Increases health regeneration by +12.

Static Defense

Static Defense (Buff (3…7 turns))

Increases your chance to parry to 75%. Will end if you move or use another skill.

Throw Dirt

Throw Dirt (Melee Skill)

Target foe is blinded for 2…5 turns. Target must be facing you.

Tips & Tricks

  • The Hunter is a very versatile class with many useful skills. While she can dish out considerable damage, don’t overlook her Utility skills.
  • Energy is a constant issue. Try to include energy management skills into your build to avoid running out of steam.
  • Snaring a unit with Crippling Shot then wearing it down from a distance can be a great way to kill enemies without taking damage.