Next in our series introducing playable character classes is the Elven Assassin, a deadly combo specialist.
Elven Assassin

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The Elven Assassin is a very mobile melee fighter wearing light armor. She can close large distances with her Shadowstep making her a threat to the enemy’s backlines. The Assassin dual wields elven rapiers and is well-known for deadly combos that can do a lot of damage in a very short time frame.


The Assassin can disappear in the shadows and seemingly almost instantly move from one place to another. Shadowstepping also avoids all attacks of opportunity and therefore is a great escape tool.

Skill Description

Shadowstep (Movement, Range 20)

Disappear in the shadows and reappear at target location, avoiding all attacks of opportunity.


For surviving, the Elven Assassin prefers to stay agile over wearing tons of armor. Therefore, she prefers equipment that improves her ability to parry or evade blows.


The Assassins standard damage only does moderate damage, her true power lies in using attack combos. A combo always consists of the following chain:

  1. A lead attack with her main hand.
  2. An off-hand attack.
  3. A final dual attack with both hands.

All attacks must be against the same target or the combo will be broken. For maximum damage output, you’ll always want to finish the combo, as the final dual attack does most of the damage in her combo. Combos are indicated by a red bar above the character model filling up. The current combo target is always highlighted. Be sure not to get interrupted during a combo (e.g. by being knocked down) as it will interrupt the chain.

The Elven Assassin finishes her combo with a Trampling Ox on the Skeleton Archer

Lead Attacks

A combo always starts with a lead attack.

Skill Description
Unblockable Strike

Unblockable Strike (Lead Attack)

Deliver a powerful, unblockable blow. Damage is increased by +4…10.

Inspiring Strike

Inspiring Strike (Lead Attack)

Perform a concentrated attack. Gain +4…10 energy.

Cutting Strike

Cutting Strike (Lead Attack)

Perform a savage slash. Damage is increased by +4…10. If target is suffering from a condition, then it is bleeding for +2…4 turns.

Lead attack skills can easily be recognized by their yellowish background.

Off-Hand Attacks

An off-hand attack must always follow a lead attack (on the same target).

Skill Description
Debilitating Hew

Debilitating Hew (Off-Hand Attack)

Raise your hand for a powerful hew. Target loses 4…10 energy and 2 health per energy point lost.

Puncturing Slash

Puncturing Slash (Off-Hand Attack)

Puncture your foe. If target foe is enchanted, then it is suffering from a deep wound for 1…3 turns.

Disenchanting Strike

Disenchanting Strike (Off-Hand Attack)

Strike with ease. Damage is increased by +4…10. Remove 1 enchantment from target foe.

Off-Hand attack skills have an orange background.

Dual Attacks

A dual attack finishes the combo and must follow an off-hand attack (again, on the same target). As the name implies, dual strikes always hit the target twice. Take this into account when comparing damage values.

Skill Description
Vampiric Strike

Vampiric Strike (Dual Attack)

Do a scissors bow on your foe. Damage is increased by +13…30. You heal for +11…25.


Cutthroat (Dual Attack)

Perform a spinning attack, cutting your foe’s throat open. Damage is increased by +9…20. Target foe is bleeding and weakened for 2…5 turns.

Trampling Ox

Trampling Ox (Elite Dual Attack)

Raise both rapiers high into the air, bringing them down with full force. Damage is increased by +9…20. If target foe is a small target, then it takes another +11…25 damage and is knocked down.

Jump Strike

Jump Strike (Elite Dual Attack)

Jump high into the air, hitting your foe twice from above. Damage is increased by +9…20. If target foe is a large or huge target, then it takes another +9…20 damage and is blinded for 3…7 turns.

Dual attack skills have a red background.

Tips & Tricks

The Assassin excels at assassinating targets before the enemy gets a chance to react. Part of making the best out of your assassin is to know who to attack (and from where).

  • Try to avoid overkilling the enemy. There’s no point in starting a combo on a target you probably will be killing in a combined team effort before the combo finishes. Make sure you can finish the combo or your energy is wasted.
  • Don’t attack enemies with high block, parry or evasion chances head on. Failing to hit the target will break the combo chain.
  • Try not to get knocked down during a combo as it will break the chain.
  • Don’t mistake the Elven Assassin for a tank. While she can get pretty decent parry and evasion chances with the right gear, she doesn’t have the armor of a Warrior and a couple of devastating hits can easily spell doom for her.