Today, we’re showing the Archer, the first soldier we take a closer look at.


Heroes & Soldiers

Playable character classes are divided into heroes and soldiers. While heroes are clearly superior to mere soldiers, they do come with a price tag. Therefore, soldiers are a welcome free alternative to fill up the ranks, especially in the early game. Soldiers are expendable and losing one is far less dramatic than losing a hero.

In contrast to heroes, soldiers cannot learn new skills nor get better equipment, so their late game viability is limited. You may not want to rely on them forever.

The Archer

The Archer, as the name implies, is a ranged character that can hold his own in melee. He only has a limited set of starting skills and cannot learn more.

Skill Description
Crippling Shot

Crippling Shot (Ranged Attack, Range 15)

Target foe is crippled for 3 turns.

Point Blank Shot

Point Blank Shot (Ranged Attack, Range 10)

Damage is increased by +11…25.

Tips & Tricks

  • Depending on the enemy team setup, crippling key units at the right time can help you kite a slow team.
  • If the fight is lost, use the Archer to lure the enemies away from the main team so you can make a run for it with your more valuable heroes. It’s better to sacrifice a cheap unit than getting your whole party wiped out.