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Do you hear the Voices too?

Published on November 5, 2012 by

I’m happy to announce that the voice acting for the game has taken shape. It’s incredible how much voiceover can add to the immersion of a game and inspire life into the game world.

Not only do the units report back when clicked or ordered to do something (which is pretty standard to provide some kind of latency masquerade), the space ship pilots will also provide feedback about the current combat status or any special achievements.

To illustrate this, let’s say, for example, that a big warship has taken a lot of damage and is about to be destroyed. The ship captain will not just sit there and take it like a man, he’ll voice his situation getting the attention of the player and resulting in a much better immersion.

Likewise, blowing a threatening enemy ship out of existence is worth cheering, isn’t it?
Do you think that the citizens on your planets will just silently endure any prolonged bombardment without calling for help?
You are sending strikecraft into defensive turrets or near enemy flak frigates and they are sustaining heavy losses. The strikecraft leader will not wait for the whole squad getting wiped but call for assistance or alert you to this situation.

Now, I hate it when the units in an RTS keep saying “Yes sir!” a hundred times in a row. That quickly gets annoying. Therefore, I’m having a whopping 500(!) lines included in the game.

Voice acting in games can be dangerous, it’s better to have no voice acting than bad voice acting. However, I can happily announce that the voices in Galactic Conflict are fantastic.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results. It just sounds awesome. Together with all the other cool sound effects, the dynamic music that starts our eerie in times of peace but quickly becomes more driving when there’s more action in the game, with engines humming, weapons firing and ships blowing up the whole sound experience is pretty cool.


To give credit to everybody who’s provided his or her talented voice, here’s the list of the main voice actors (and a few samples):

Voice Actor Role
Chris Escalante Terran space pilot (m)
Michaela Laws Terran space pilot (f)
Warren Reid Pyros space pilot (m)
Kristyn Yearington Pyros space pilot (f)

They all did a fantastic job!

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