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Taking a Short Break

Published on July 21, 2012 by

It’s summer, it’s hot and it’s vacation time! I’m taking a break from the game and go to France for three weeks to enjoy French food, a camp-site with view sur la mer, good wine and good company. It will definitely do me some good to not have to worry about this project for a while, spend some quality time with my family and replenish my energies.

I’ll be back mid-August with fully recharged batteries to continue working on Galactic Conflict. I’ve finally managed to post some screenshots and after vacation, I’ve planned to do some demo video so everybody can get a first impression.

Current status is that everything looks good so far: the game mechanics are implemented, it is totally playable already and really fun. Multiplayer seems to be working fine right now, I’ve ironed out the last desync bugs this week (crossing my fingers). Single player has also made big progress, Skirmish is working and the AI definitely puts up a challenge.

Last week, I also did a quality offensive and have dealt with memory leaks and stability problems and seems to run stable now.

So, the feeling of leaving it in really good shape will make my vacations all the more enjoyable.
Stay tuned for more information coming to you mid-August.

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