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Space Ships

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Each faction has a wide variety of different space ships, all with some strengths and weaknesses.

Generally, space ships fall into two major categories: strikecraft and warships.


Strikecraft are small, fast, mobile ships used to hit the enemy where it hurts. They have very weak armor and need to be constantly on the move to evade enemy fire. Strikecraft are further subdivided into fighter class ships (the smallest ships) and corvettes.


Warships are bigger, less mobile ships that remain stationary in combat. They usually field powerful weaponry and strong shields. Warships are further subdivided into frigate class ships and capital ships, the biggest ships in the game.

The exact types of ships can be found in the faction-specific sections.

Terran Ships
Terran Strikecraft
Terran Warships
Pyros Ships
Pyros Strikecraft
Pyros Warships

Space Ship Wallpaper

The Galactic Conflict space ship wallpaper shows all ships at a glance.


Mass Driver Guns
These standard guns have a high rate of fire combined with fast projectiles. Their downside is that they are weak and therefore primarily used to kill enemy strikecraft.
Plasma Cannons

Plasma cannons are rather slow but can really pack a punch. They come in all sorts of sizes, some are mounted on small fighters but the biggest ones can be found on capital ships. Plasma balls move too slow to hit any fast moving target but they are very strong against big warships and planetary structures.
Ion Laser Cannons

These weapons hit the target instantly but do damage over time. They are not very accurate and have a hard time tracking mobile strikecraft but are very good at damaging bigger targets especially frigates.
Light Missiles

These fast and agile missiles can track down corvettes and have even a chance to hit fighters occasionly. They are not as strong as the heavy missiles against bigger ships, though.
Heavy Missiles

Heavy missiles are used against warships and planets because the chances of them hitting strikecraft are rather low. They do substantially more damage than their light counterparts, though.
Flak Cannons

Flak cannons fire lots of small explosives at their target doing area of effect damage. The individual projectiles are very weak but strong enough to do substantial damage to strikecraft. They are the ultimate fighter killer and even danagerous to corvettes should they be explosed to flak fire for an extended period of time.

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