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Terran Warships

Warship – in contrast to strikecraft – stay stationary during a space battle. They rely on their superior firepower and powerful shields rather than maneuverability to survive.

If you really care about pure damage output,
then let me introduce you to our shiny warships.
— Major Coburn, Terran Officer

Frigate Class

Frigates are the workhorse of every fleet. They are often specialized in their role in the fleet and often sustain heavy casualties in any major battle.

Light Missile Frigate

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Light missile frigates are equipped with mid-range light homing missiles that are easily able to track down corvettes making them very effective against those. Their cluster warhead missiles also deal considerable damage to planetary structures and can even take on bigger ships in numbers.

Strong vs: Corvettes, Frigates, Planets
Weak vs: Bombers, Ion Frigate, Heavy Missile Frigate, Capital Warships

Some tend to overlook these thinking: why get a light frigate if I can have a heavy one?
If you are one of those then you better reconsider.
Not only do they murder enemy corvettes,
for the price they cost, nothing serves you better at
laying waste to enemy planets than the trusty old light missile frigate.
— Major Coburn, Terran Officer
Flak Frigate

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Flak Frigates are equipped with flak turrets that are very effective against swarms of fighters and – to a lesser extent – corvettes. Their drawback is that flak guns have limited range and do litterally nothing to bigger targets.

Strong vs: Strikecraft
Weak vs: Frigates, Capital Ships

A few of those solve all your strikecraft problems.
Try not to lose them against other warships, if you can help it.
— Cpt. Medison, Terran Officer
Ion Frigate

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Ion Frigates carry two oversized ion beam cannons and are the ultimate frigate killer. In numbers, they can even easily bring down bigger targets. They are cheap and quick to produce and their enormous damage output can wipe out whole fleets. Being a large ship counter, they have no means to deal with strikecraft and need to be escorted.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships
Weak vs: Strikecraft

The Ion Frigate is all about pure damage output.
Sure, it dies quickly if exposed to concentrated fire but
it is cheap and quick to replace and boy, it can bring the pain.
— Major Coburn, Terran Officer

Capital Ship Class

Capital ships are the biggest ship class in the universe. They are slow but combine tremendous firepower with extremely powerful shields.

Colonialization Ship

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The Colonialization Ship is used to colonialize new planets. This can often be achieved in a peaceful way but the ship also hosts an army of terran marines that can quickly put down any resistance the planet’s inhabitants may put up. The ship does not have any weapons and fully relies on its escorts for defense.

Strong vs: Planets
Weak vs: All

The terran race needs new planets to colonize
so we can prosper and grow to old strength.
— Commander Madone, Terran Fleet Commander

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The Destroyer is one of the biggest terran warships and is packed with powerful weapons. A missile launcher, two autoguns and two massive plasma cannons make short work of any frigate it may encounter. It can even deal with a few straggler bombers but against bigger bomber swarms, you better bring some escort ships.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships, Planets
Weak vs: Strikecraft

You can’t have too many Destroyers on the battlefield.
You’ll wish you had more of these monsters.
— Major Coburn, Terran Officer

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The Battlecruiser is the most advanced ship in the terran fleet. Its combination of ion and plasma cannons can dish out a lot of damge in a very short time. It is best employed against other large capital ships or planetary structures – both of which cannot withstand its firepower for long.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships, Planets
Weak vs: Strikecraft

Don’t get me wrong, nothing compares to a Battlecruiser in terms of firepower.
But leave it unescorted and you’ll soon be sorry.
— Cpt. Medison, Terran Officer

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