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Terran Strikecraft

Strikecraft comprises small spacecraft that is not stationary in space during battle but in constant move making it hard to pick off with powerful guns. These types of ships are categorized into two classes: fighters and corvettes.

We must not neglect strikecraft in our fleet composition
or the enemy will quickly exploit this weakness.
— Cpt. Medison, Terran Officer

Fighter Class

Fighter class ships are the smallest ships in the fleet. They are cheap, fast and agile.


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The basic interceptor is a quick and cheap fighter that relies on numbers to be effective. Its primary role is to defend against other fighters and use its speed as an advantage to perform quick strikes on the enemy.

Strong vs: Fighters
Weak vs: Corvettes, Flak Frigate, Gunship

So glad those interceptors could catch those bombers before they reached us.
They would have blown up our whole fleet.
— Lt. Burly, Terran Officer

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The scout has the longest sight range of all ships and is therefore invaluable for keeping tabs on your enemy. Even though it is equipped with a basic gun, it is ill equipped at taking down enemy ships and should use its superior speed to escape.

Strong vs: Scouting
Weak vs: Fighters, Corvettes, Flak Frigate, Gunship

Recon is key to any successful strategy.
— Commander Madone, Terran Fleet Commander

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What the interceptor lacks in firepower against bigger targets is more than made up by the bomber with its deadly plasma gun. It is also an excellent tool against planetary structures. However, the bomber is terrible at dogfigthing and needs to be protected by interceptors to deal with enemy strikecraft.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capitals, Planets
Weak vs: Fighters, Corvettes, Flak Frigate, Gunship

Ignore bombers at your own peril
for they sure make a major difference in any warship battle.
— Major Coburn, Terran Officer

Corvette Class

Corvettes are generally larger in size and slower than fighter class ships but come with better armor and firepower. Still, they classify as strikecraft trying to evade big guns by staying mobile.

Light Corvette

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The light corvette is slower than the fighter class ships, but makes up for it in firepower and armor. It is very effective against fighters for cost and should be primarily used to help effectively defeat large fighter swarms.

Strong vs: Fighters, Turrets
Weak vs: Light Missile Frigate, Gunship, Corvettes

Light corvettes are key to winning any serious fighter war.
— Cpt. Medison, Terran Officer
Heavy Corvette

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Heavy corvettes have more powerful guns but are not as agile as their light counterparts. They are very good against other corvettes and – in numbers – can even take on frigates. They are not as effective against fighters though.

Strong vs: Corvettes, Turrets
Weak vs: Laser Fighter, Light Missile Frigate, Gunship

Heavy corvettes were designed to hunt down enemy corvettes
but I’ve seen them wear down heavy missile frigates as well.
— Cpt. Medison, Terran Officer

Utility Class


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The turret is a slow moving static defense able to fend off enemy fighters with its accurate autocannon. It is very cost effective against enemy fighters but cannot be used offensively and is rather worthless against bigger threats.

Strong vs: Fighters
Weak vs: Others

A few turrets near our homeworld keep us safe from enemy fighter raids.
They don’t seem to fare equally well against corvettes, I have noticed.
— Commander Madone, Terran Fleet Commander

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