Large-Scale Real-Time Strategy (RTS) for the iPad & iPhone 

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  The Terrans have been attacked without prior notice by the mysterious Pyros race and their homeworld, Terra, was totally destroyed. Only a small fleet has survived the onslaught and they have found a new home in the outskirts of the galaxy. Their new homeworld, Nu Earth, was undiscovered by the Pyros which gave them time to set up a new base.

The Terrans are still an endangered species but they were able to develop some powerful technologies to make up for what they lack in numbers. Their first priority is to protect the survivors but they are determined to grow back to old strength to take revenge for the corwardly assault.


Terra has very effective and powerful frigates they can use to fend off most attacks. Their strikecraft initially is on par with Pyros’ strikecraft but is slightly more expensive and lacks specialized ships.

Terrans should make it a priority to tech up to Advanced Technology as soon as they can afford it because of the powerful options it unlocks. However, blindly teching up as quickly as possible will open up windows of opportunity for the enemy and knowing when to invest into early technology and when to research new tech is what separates the good Terran Commanders from the bad.


Terran Strikecraft
Terran Warships

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