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Galactic Conflict features an intriguing storyline around Lt. Timber who is one of the few who have survived the Pyros assault on Earth. Upon his coming of age, he joins the Terran Space Marines seeking revenge for the death of his family. He’s assigned several important missions during the initial phase when the Pyros try to hunt down the remaining human stragglers and quickly becomes a renowned officer of the Terran Space Marines. Lt. Timber has to overcome numerous challenges if he wants to save the surviving humans from extinction and is a key player in refounding the Terran Confederation and trying to push the Pyros out of this galaxy.


Terran Space Marines

The Terrans took a heavy blow when Earth was attacked without prior warning and are now trying to protect the survivors. They are hoping to establish a new federation in a distant sector of the galaxy and rebuild from there. The coward assault is not forgotten and many Terrans seek for revenge.
Commander Madone

Commander Madone is the leader of the remaining Terran Space Fleet. He’s an experienced commander and enjoys the confidence of all Terran officers. Madone’s brilliant strategies led the Terran Space Marines to numerous victories and earned him an excellent reputation. It is primarily his merit that the human race has been saved from extinction.

Major Coburn

Major Coburn is known to be a fierce opponent and a determined fleet commander. He’s lost his wife to the Pyros and ever since actively seeks conflict with them to get revenge. He’s a demanding officer that requests extraordinary dedication from each and every member of the fleet.

Cpt. Medison

Cpt. Medison is an ambitious Terran space marine officer. She may be young but has already won a lot of recognition. Medison always strives to protect the human survivors and goes a long way to keep everybody from harm.

Lt. Ben Timber (Player)

Ben has lost his family when the Pyros suddenly attacked mother Earth. He was lucky to escape the onslaught and his drop pod was picked up by Commander Madone’s flagship. He then joined the space fleet academy and after graduating, he was assigned to Cpt. Medison’s team.

Lt. Tom Burly

Tom also joined the Space Marines when he was a teenager and became close friends with Ben in the academy. They like cooperating as a team and there’s a trust relationship between them. Tom secretly admires Ben for his determination and courage.

Pyros Empire

It is not clear where the Pyros originally came from or why they hit Earth but there’s little time for guesswork. The Pyros have proven to be deadly in combat and they show no mercy. They know that many straggler ships have survived the onslaught and are determined to hunt them down. The Terrans can only hope to find out more about their motivations and – more importantly – their weaknesses if they want to survive.
Imperator Xerxes

Imperator Xerxes has the status of a demi-god within the Pyros empire. It is still a mystery why the imperator ordered the assault on Earth to eradicate the Terran race. Maybe he didn’t want another high species in the same galaxy, maybe it can just be attributed to his cruelty.

General Grind

General Grind is the leader of the Pyros spacefleet and has a reputation of executing orders without asking questions. He’s lead the assault on Earth which makes him the person most despiced by the Terrans next to the Imperator.

The Baroness

Not much is known about this witty Pyros leader other than that they call her the “Baroness”. She’s a very talented commander and is both feared and secretly admired among the Terran ranks for her deadliness in battle.

Known Planets

There are many different planets in this sector of the galaxy and while not all of them offer life-friendly conditions but almost all provide much needed metal and crystal resources to keep the war machine going. A lot of resources are also invested into researching better technology.


Its location in the outer regions of the galaxy make Arid a planet of little strategic importance. The lack of water has prevented any higher life forms from evolving but its metal and crystal resources make it a valuable planet nonetheless.


Caldonia is a desert planet with only minor life forms. It has no strategic importance but still provides valuable resources to anybody controlling the planet.

Cold World

Being far away from any star, the surface is primarily composed of rock and ice. It’s low temperatures com-bined with its thin atmosphere of nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide gases make it only interesting for the resources it has to offer.

Dead World
Dead World

Being a carbon planet composed of a metal core surrounded primarily by carbon-based planets, this dead world does not have enough of an atmosphere to host any life forms. Still, its rich metal resources make it an important target.


A solid planet with an atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide, argon, water and methane, Dyre would need some terraforming before it could used by human beings. For the time being, the focus is on exploiting its rich resources, though.


Refuge is one of the few life-friendly planets of the galaxy. Its high concentrates of water vapeur, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides have resulted in a humid subtropical climate. Overall, one of the more valuable planets in the galaxy.

High Winds

High Winds is a gas giant with high rotation, low pressure and high pressure regions which results in huge storms on the surface. This makes this planet very difficult to colonize. Still, while the life conditions are very hostile, it’s rich resources make it a valuable planet.

Ice Planet
New Hope

New Hope with its rich water supplies and oxygen-rich atmosphere provides very good life conditions and subsequently has already developed some basic, mostly harmless life forms. It can be the home for millions of citizens and therefore is of important strategic value.

Nu Earth
New Earth

New Earth is the planet in the galaxy that is known to provide the closest conditions to Earth. It has large continents surrounded by clean water. With its modest temperatures and fertile soils, it offers ideal conditions for our population to grow and prosper.


Pyrobora has all the surface of one hemisphere covered in oceans of lava, making it impossible to host hu-man life. However, on the permanent night side, the surface is cool enough for the formation to crust. De-spite the intense volcanism, this hemisphere has been colonized and now exploits the many rich resources the planet has to offer.

Small Gas Giant
Small Gas Giant

The small gas giant is not composed of rock or other solid matter but consists mainly of various gases, mostly hydrogen and helium. While it is rich in resources, it also loses atmospheric mass due to hydrodynamic es-cape.

Waterless World
Waterless World

The waterless world is a single-biome planet on which the climate is mostly desert with no natural precipita-tion. In its current state, it is not hospitable for life but its large land masses provide a lot more resources than watery planets.


A very hospitable planet with a wide variety of life forms and many resources. Earth used to be the homeworld of the Terran Confederation before it was razed by the Pyros.

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