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Pyros Warships

Warships – in contrast to strikecraft – stay stationary during a space battle. They rely on their superior firepower and powerful shields rather than maneuverability to survive.

Frigate Class

Frigates are the workhorse of every fleet. They are often specialized in their role in the fleet and often sustain heavy casualties in any major battle.

Heavy Missile Frigate

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These large frigates carry powerful missile launchers that are able to put a dent into the biggest ships. They are also fairly cheap and quick to produce for the amount of firepower they bring to the battlefield but are totally defenseless against strikecraft.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships
Weak vs: Bombers, Missile Corvettes

Anything fighters and corvettes can’t deal with,
the heavy missile frigate will blow up in short order.
— General Grind, Pyros Fleet Commander
Gunship Frigate

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Gunships are equipped with rapid firing, powerful autocannons that are even able to track fast moving small targets. Gunships can decimate strikecraft from the distance. However, the gun is forward-mounted making the ship susceptible to flank attacks.

Strong vs: Strikecraft
Weak vs: Frigates, Capital Ships

I prefer fighting enemy strikecraft with even more strikecraft
but sometimes a few gunship frigates can help tip the scales.
— The Baroness, Legendary Pyros Squad Leader


Capital Ship Class

Capital ships are the biggest ship class in the universe. They are slow but combine tremendous firepower with extremely powerful shields.

Troop Transporter

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The troop transporter is able to host a huge amount of battle droids that can be used to invade planets. It is even able to produce new battle droids over time should they be destroyed. These large behemoths are unarmed so protect them with other ships.

Strong vs: Planets
Weak vs: All

Conquer new planets and expand our Empire.
Those foolish enough to put up any resistance will soon regret.
— Imperator Maxxon, Pyros Dictator

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The Battlship is a huge capital ship with a powerful missile launcher and an even more powerful plasma cannon. It can chew through frigates at an alarming pace and can even defend against smaller strikecraft swarms with its rotating autocannon turrets. A very versatile ship indeed.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships, Planets
Weak vs: Strikecraft

I love those battleships. Whatever comes your way, you just blow it up.
If only we had more of those.
— General Grind, Pyros Fleet Commander

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The Dreadnought is the most powerful ship in the Pyros’ arsenal. Its dual plasma cannons combined with a powerful ion cannon make it a force to be reckoned with. It can walk through waves of frigates but it truly shines against other capital ships. The dread relies on escort ships against enemy strikecraft.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships, Planets
Weak vs: Strikecraft

None of our enemies live long enough to truly admire the power of the Dread.
— General Grind, Pyros Fleet Commander

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