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Pyros Strikecraft

Strikecraft comprises small spacecraft that is not stationary in space during battle but in constant move making it hard to pick off with powerful guns. These types of ships are categorized into two classes: fighters and corvettes.

Strikecraft superiority is key to winning the war.
Overpower their strikecraft and you are free to use the swarm to its full extent.
— The Baroness, Legendary Pyros Squad Leader

Fighter Class

Fighter class ships are the smallest ships in the fleet. They are cheap, fast and agile.


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Fighters are fast and agile general purpose strikecraft. They cannot withstand a lot of firepower but can often dodge fire from larger vessels. Fighters are weak individually but cheap and quick to produce.

Strong vs: Fighters, Bombers, Laser Fighters
Weak vs: Corvettes, Flak Frigate, Gunship

Always strive to have more fighters than they have
because this means we can bring our bombers – and they cannot.
— General Grind, Pyros Fleet Commander

Recon Units

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The recon unit’s primary purpose is to scout out enemy activities. It is the fastest ship and has an incredible sight range, but should be kept away from any serious fights.

Strong vs: scouting.
Weak vs: Fighters, Corvettes, Flak Frigate, Gunship

I want to know what’s going on out there, so send those recons to the front lines,
I couldn’t care less if they make it back home or not.
— Imperator Maxxon, Pyros Dictator

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Bombers are small ships with powerful but slow plasma guns. They can wear down large targets at an alarming rate but are litterally helpless against agile strikecraft. Bombers are also pretty effective at taking out ground structures.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capitals, Planets
Weak vs: Fighters, Corvettes, Flak Frigate, Gunship

With their figther screen gone,
we can finally send our bombers and tear them a new one.
— The Baroness, Legendary Pyros Squad Leader
Laser fighters

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Laser fighters carry short-ranged, powerful laser beam weapons that are effective against corvettes. Due to the short range, they can’t compete with light fighters in a direct dogfight.

Strong vs: Corvettes
Weak vs: Fighters, Flak Frigate, Gunship

Enemy corvettes can be a pain to deal with
so we came up with a solution to this problem.
— General Grind, during the initial presentation of the Laser Fighter

Corvette Class

Corvettes are generally larger in size and slower than fighter class ships but come with better armor and firepower. Still, they classify as strikecraft trying to evade big guns by staying mobile.


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Corvettes are heavier armored and have more firepower than fighters. They are superior to fighters in direct combat but can’t compete with them in terms of speed and agility.

Strong vs: Fighters, Corvettes, Turrets
Weak vs: Laser Fighter, Light Missile Frigate, Gunship

Corvettes not only bring additional firepower to the swarm,
they also bring much needed coordination further increasing strikecraft effectivity.
You should have a few squad leaders in every serious strikecraft strike force.
— The Baroness, Legendary Pyros Squad Leader
Missile Corvettes

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Missile Corvettes have their standard guns replaced by short-ranged powerful missile launchers. Fighters and corvettes are usually able to dodge these missiles but they are very effective against larger targets and excel at quickly devastating planets.

Strong vs: Frigates, Capital Ships, Planets
Weak vs: Strikecraft

Some use missile corvettes to kill enemy frigates and while there’s nothing wrong with that
the true commander will not overlook their tremendous firepower against ground structures.
A bit of planetary bombardement can never hurt, as long as it’s their planets, not ours.
— The Baroness, Legendary Pyros Squad Leader

Utility Class


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The Defender is a very slow moving platform that can be used for defensive purposes. Its quick target tracking makes it able to shoot down even the fastest spacecraft and thus an excellent counter against enemy fighter class ships.

Strong vs: Fighters
Weak vs: Others

I don’t like being overly defensive, I want you to bring the fight to their planets.
But sometimes it’s worth building a few of those to keep enemy strikecraft from hitting our colonies.
— Imperator Maxxon, Pyros Dictator

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