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  The Pyros are an aggressive species that makes sure no other race can threaten their dominance in the galaxy. When the Terrans were getting too technologically advanced, they decided to wipe them out for good. Unfortunately, the Terrans have survived and reestablished a new colony that long went unnoticed. From there, they have improved their spaceships and are now again a real threat.

The Pyros are determined to eradicate the Terrans to rule the galaxy without any rivaltry.


The Pyros field very powerful, often specialized strikecraft that can often take on bigger ship classes in sufficient numbers. They rely on speed and quick hits on the enemy. Their frigates often bear mid to long range weapons and are thus deadly support ships to fall back to or provide an additional punch. Their capital warships are the only ones having enough shield strength to stay in the thick of things and survive while destroying other ships within seconds with their array of deadly weapons.

One of the race specific threats of the Pyros is that they like to mount powerful weapons on smaller ships so they can do rapid strikes to distant planets without exposing their bigger ships. For example, missile corvettes, while being small individually, are cheap and can be a serious threat to isolated frigates and will destroy planetary structures at an alarming rate.

Pyros fighter and bomber pilots individually are usually well-trained but lack the experience of veteran pilots. Therefore, Pyros like to add more experienced leaders to the swarm to coordinate the less experienced fighter pilots. The presence of battle-provide corvette pilots can noticebly increase the effectiveness of the whole strikecraft.

With Pyros ships often being simpler in design, many of their factories are cheaper than Terran factories which can provide an initial advantage to capitalize on.


Pyros Strikecraft
Pyros Warships

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