What is Galactic Conflict?

Galactic Conflict brings Real-Time Strategy (RTS) on an unrivalled scale right to your iPad or iPhone. Battle other players online controlling huge space fleets ranging from small fighters to gigantic battlecruisers. Play the single player campaign or train against the AI.


Galactic Conflict is a competitive SciFi RTS where you start out on your homeworld, build up your economy to gain valuable resources to research better technology and of course an impressive space fleet. Conquer new planets to expand your influence and increase your income and use your strategic thinking and perfect execution to ultimately defeat your opponents – either online or against the AI.

Galactic Conflict was explicitly developed for tablets but brings real time strategy on a scale previously unseen on mobile devices. You can literally control hundreds of space ships at the same time. Ships come at all sizes: watch small fighters and corvettes dog-fighting for strikecraft supremacy, bombers swarming enemy ships, frigates hypering in to lay waste to an enemy planet or unleash the tremendous firepower of the huge capital ships.

The intuitive game controls make Galactic Conflict more accessible for players new to the genre while still providing strategic depth for RTS fans.

Galactic Conflict also comes with an innovative emotion system: your pilots will cheer, complain, call for help, express fear or pick up courage depending on the situation they are facing. Action-driven dynamic music adds to the immersive experience.

Single Player Campaign

Enjoy the single player campaign where the Terran Confederation’s home planet has been attacked by the mysterious Pyros race without prior notice. Only a small fleet of Terrans could survive the cowardly attack and they are now on the run. Join the terran space fleet in 12 immersive missions, help protect the only survivors of the human race and find the best strategies to repel the invaders.

Skirmish against the AI

Play against AI opponents in four different difficulty settings in numerous galaxies to shape up for multiplayer. Experiment with new strategies, learn your preferred race and work on your timings to outsmart the opponent.

Intense Multiplayer Action

Challenge your friends in a 1v1 or 2v2 on Game Center or get automatically matched to other players on the Internet. Let’s face it: nothing beats the excitement of playing real people. This opens up an infinite variety of strategies for endless replayability. Can you gain #1 on the Game Center leaderboards?
Multiplayer requires a WiFi connection.

Supported Platforms

Galactic Conflict will be initially released as a universal build for iPad and iPhone.

The mimimum specs are:

Platform Minimum spec
iPad iPad 2 or later
iPhone iPhone 4 or later
iPod touch iPod touch 4th Gen or later

We’re sorry for all iPad 1 or 3rd gen users that we are unable to deliver this experience to that platform. Despite countless performance tweaks, supporting the iPad 1 would have meant reducing the overall scale of the game which we found unsatisfactory. Of course, we do support crisp retina graphics on the new iPad for even more detailed graphics.

You may also want to check out the Official Trailer.

Where can I download Galactic Conflict?

Galactic Conflict can be downloaded from the AppStore.
Galactic Conflict download link

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