The Storm Guard has been in Early Access for a month now – time for a short recap.

Time goes by so fast, and it was busy times! Our first month in Early Access is over. Overall, we made five updates to the game with a nice mix of bug fixes, balance changes and improvements. I’m quite happy with the progress, even though there’s still a long list of todos and for every item resolved, a new one pops up.

We have introduced new mechanics the Steam Early Access community suggested with the new zone of control and made the game more accessible to new players.

Zone of Control

The New Zone of Control Mechanic Makes it Easier for Melee Characters to Protect the Backline

A new hero, the Dwarven Priest, was added and probably will see a few minor changes. Balance-wise, I was hoping that after the first month, we’d be good and the game is definitely heading in the right direction, but I feel that a few balance tweaks will still be necessary over the next weeks.

The Dwarven Priest

The Dwarven Priest is a Hybrid Caster Bringing Defensive and Offensive Spells to the Battlefield

In the next weeks, we will also have to tackle the end game, particularly the fight against the dragon. Boss fights are always difficult to get right, and it will be important to walk the narrow line between a push-over and a frustrating experience. Also, the fight against the dragon must not reward a particular playstyle too much over another, or make the fight a breeze if you run skill X on character Y.

Last but not least, big thanks to our great Steam Early Access community that has helped tremendously in shaping the game in the last month. This excellent feedback is much appreciated and helps a lot making this game as great as we all want it to be.

Thanks for your interest!
Mark, Bitmen Studios.