Lord Commander,

it is about time: the Storm Guard is now available on Steam Early Access! Assume your position and lead the order in its quest against the ancient dragon and its minions that are threatening the realm of men. Stand strong and do not falter!

The Storm Guard now on Steam Early Access

Here’s the link to Early Access: http://store.steampowered.com/app/409910

Info on Early Access

It is important that you understand the implications of the Storm Guard being on Early Access. Essentially, the game is totally playable, enjoyable and free of game-breaking bugs, but it is not yet finished. For one, the final encounter against the ancient dragon hasn’t been implemented. You can still play it in endless mode but for now, you cannot complete it.

We’ll add this and other features during the Early Access phase also taking your suggestions into account. In general, how the game develops also depends on you and your feedback. We encourage you to get involved on the Steam community forums. Especially if you are a min-maxer, we’d love to hear from you how about non-obvious overpowered ways to play the game so we can close any loopholes.

We do have a rough plan of what we want to add during Early Access:

  • The final encounter against the ancient dragon.
  • At least 3 more playable heroes.
  • Additional missions.
  • … (tasks we derive from player feedback)

See you on the battlefield, Lord Commander!