The Storm Guard has been in Steam Early Access since End of January 2016 and we’ll soon be getting to the end of this phase – time to recap.
For us, Early Access was a fantastic experience. Our focus clearly was to get a sizable player base so we can get player feedback and make the necessary adjustments. We’ve been extremely lucky to have attracted numerous great players who have sunken endless hours into the game and came up with great feedback. Not only were we able to find and iron out many bugs, but ended up many great suggestions on how to improve the game. We were able to implement several great ideas and each and every single one inarguably made the game better. Last but not least, the community also helped us balance the game in terms of economy, progression curve and difficulty.

As of the time of this writing, the Storm Guard is getting close to the end of Early Access. We are currently in an observation phase where we won’t add any new features but will continue to fix bugs and make (minor) balance changes.

The official release of the game is scheduled for end of August, we will follow up with a more firm date later.

Thanks again to everybody who participated in making the Storm Guard a better game in Early Access, you guys rock!

Encounter vs. Dwarves and their Mighty Ballistas