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The Demon Forge

A mighty demon smith crafts fine weapons deep in the mountains. These weapons are made of obsidian steel, the only material strong enough to penetrate dragon scales. We must descend to the forge and get hold of these weapons if we want to have a chance to defeat the dragon. I’m pretty sure the demon […]

Getting Ready for Steam Early Access

To all future members of the order! We’re getting ready to release The Storm Guard to Steam Early Access, most likely still in January. This is very exciting news as it allows us to put the game into the hands of our fans now and get crucial feedback from a larger community. Let’s talk a […]

Migration to Unity 5

The Storm Guard was migrated from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5.2 which opens up new features. One example is image post processing effects that can provide crisper visuals and better atmosphere. Unity 5 has introduced a lot of changes, including a new lighting model and a new physics engine. We’ll need to do quite a […]

The Storm Guard got Greenlit on Steam

After a week in Steam Greenlight, thanks to your support guys, we got the green light from Valve. This is fantastic news and we’re grateful and happy to have received so many yes votes. We’ll now continue working hard on polishing the game and getting it ready for Early Access. Please subscribe to our newsletter, […]


Today, we want to have a closer look at how armor works in The Storm Guard. You may have noticed that when you right-click on an enemy, it gives you a nice overview about its capabilities, including its damage output. However, when the enemy actually hits you, the damage it does may be way higher […]

We are on Steam Greenlight

Lord Commander, before you can lead the Storm Guard to old glory, we have another cause where we need your assistance.   We must break the gates to Steam!   Steam won’t let us in unless you vote for us and without Steam, you cannot assume your position. The situation in our land requires your […]

The Underground Prison

Evil creatures operate an underground prison deep down in the dungeons. Countless good people have been abducted and were never heard of ever since then. Unfortunately, we have to admit that one of our elven spies is missing and we believe that she might have been dragged down there… The Storm Guard does not leave […]

The Arcane Library

Lord Commander, we know you are eager to command the Storm Guard and lead them against the evil forces threatening the realm of men. But before we can assign you this opportunity, we need to prepare our lands so you can – well – do your job. There’s certainly a lot of adversity you will […]

Meet the Archer: A simple but effective Soldier

Today, we’re showing the Archer, the first soldier we take a closer look at. Heroes & Soldiers Playable character classes are divided into heroes and soldiers. While heroes are clearly superior to mere soldiers, they do come with a price tag. Therefore, soldiers are a welcome free alternative to fill up the ranks, especially in […]

Meet the Elven Assassin: You will love her Damage Spikes

Next in our series introducing playable character classes is the Elven Assassin, a deadly combo specialist. Tweet: The Assassin is your best bet if someone needs to be killed real quick, Lord Commander. http://ctt.ec/1dUaQ+ The Elven Assassin is a very mobile melee fighter wearing light armor. She can close large distances with her Shadowstep making […]