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Meet the Archer: A simple but effective Soldier

Today, we’re showing the Archer, the first soldier we take a closer look at. Heroes & Soldiers Playable character classes are divided into heroes and soldiers. While heroes are clearly superior to mere soldiers, they do come with a price tag. Therefore, soldiers are a welcome free alternative to fill up the ranks, especially in […]

Meet the Elven Assassin: You will love her Damage Spikes

Next in our series introducing playable character classes is the Elven Assassin, a deadly combo specialist. Tweet: The Assassin is your best bet if someone needs to be killed real quick, Lord Commander. http://ctt.ec/1dUaQ+ The Elven Assassin is a very mobile melee fighter wearing light armor. She can close large distances with her Shadowstep making […]

Meet the Elven Witch: Her Hexes can be a true Life Saver

Today, we’ll have a closer look at the next elven character: the Witch. Tweet: The Witch can use powerful hexes. Don’t underestimate her, Lord Commander! http://ctt.ec/Qcc2c+ The Witch is one of the playable spellcaster classes, but her magic is often subtle, almost unremarkable. As a consequence, the younger Lord Commanders may easily dismiss her for […]

Meet the Elven Hunter: Kill your Foes from a Safe Distance

In this series, we’ll introduce all playable characters one by one. Today, it’s the Elven Hunter’s turn. Tweet: The Elven Hunter can kill foes from a safe distance, Lord Commander. http://ctt.ec/43iLO+ The Elves have been suffering quite a bit during the last invasion from the north. They are a proud race and don’t permanently join […]

Meet the Healer: Healing and Protection are Key to Survive

Today, we want to give you more information on the Healer, an essential class in The Storm Guard to keep your party alive. Tweet: Don’t move out without a Healer, Lord Commander, or you’ll soon regret. http://ctt.ec/a6x76+ The Healer is one of the most important members on the team. What he lacks in the offensive […]

Meet the Warrior: He loves to get up close and personal

Lord Commander, let me introduce you to the Warrior class. You need to clearly understand his strengths to lead him to reach his full potential. Tweet: Lord Commander, the Warrior can wear the best armor, so let him tank for the team. http://ctt.ec/PB429+ The Warrior excels at: Tanking Shield Blocking Shouts Adrenaline-based Combat Skills In […]

Tactical Combat Mechanics in The Storm Guard

The Storm Guard is a turn-based strategy game for PC/Mac currently in development. It was inspired by XCOM, Guild Wars and FTL. This article explains the design decisions around its tactical combat layer. In our previous post, you can find more info on the strategy layer. Basic Combat Mechanics When designing The Storm Guard, our […]

How to manage the Order in Town – The Strategy Layer

In this post, we want to show your options on the strategy layer. Lord Commander, your decisions in town will have a huge impact on your abilities in combat. Gold is always scarce and you must make tough decisions how to best spend it. Make sure your troops are well-prepared for the upcoming challenges. As […]

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