Today, we want to have a closer look at how armor works in The Storm Guard. You may have noticed that when you right-click on an enemy, it gives you a nice overview about its capabilities, including its damage output. However, when the enemy actually hits you, the damage it does may be way higher or lower. This is where armor comes into play.

Everybody knows that wearing a lot of armor is good, but how does it really work? First of all, armor reduces the amount of physical damage a character takes from an attack. The key word here is physical because it doesn’t protect its wearer from other types of damage, like fire, holy or damage from conditions (e.g. bleeding or poison).

All characters have a certain amount of natural armor that is level dependent. This means that each level-up will increase your armor. If you want more armor, then you need to buy equipment. Equipment often has other beneficial stats like additional health, faster energy regeneration, increased speed, and other magical attributes.

So, how does armor really work and is it worth paying another 100 gold to get 5 more armor? To make such decisions, it is important to factor in that the benefits of armor are exponential. This means that a character with exceptionally low armor will take a lot of damage. A character with armor level 20 takes double the damage from a character with armor level 60. Adding another 40 armor to level 100 will again halve the damage taken.

Warrior Equipment Show

So, what shall be our conclusion from this?

  • Be sure to invest into armor for your most valuable heroes. Every bit of armor counts. Even adding 10 armor will make a difference.
  • Don’t take low-level characters into higher missions. Not only will they have less hit-points and be up against foes with high damage output, their lack of armor will make them die pretty quickly.

If up against a high armor target, keep the following in mind:

  • Some abilities like the Witch hex Cursed Armor can temporarily lower armor, giving your whole team a damage boost against that particular target.
  • Use damage over time like conditions that bypass armor.
  • Some abilities like the Hunter’s Penetrating Shot have high armor penetration and are therefore very effective against high armor opponents.
  • Be careful if up against creatures with high penetration. As a general guideline, axes often have better armor penetration and most magical damage ignores armor altogether. You don’t want to feel too safe in full plate in such situations.