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The Storm Guard

Turn-based tactical combat inspired by #XCOM and #FTL (PC/Mac).

The Night's Watch The Storm Guard is a turn-based tactical game in a fantasy setting. Wildings, undead and even greater horrors from the north have crossed the borders and are now invading the realm of men causing death and destruction. The player assumes the role of the Lord Commander and has to manage this conflict.

The game is currently in development. We got greenlit on Steam, thanks to everybody who voted!
Target Platforms: PC/Mac.

Galactic Conflict RTS

Large-Scale Real-Time Strategy (RTS) designed for the iPad.

Galactic Conflict Galactic Conflict brings Real-Time Strategy (RTS) on an unrivalled scale right to your iPad. Battle other players online controlling huge space fleets ranging from small fighters to gigantic battlecruisers. Play the single player campaign or skirmish against the AI.


World War II: Air Force vs Luftwaffe

Fast-paced World War II Airplane Dogfights.

Icon-144 Join the British Royal/US Air Force or German Luftwaffe/Italian Regia Aeronautica in a fight for air superiority.
Gain ranks, unlock more planes and command a whole customizable squadron of fighters.
Upgrade the individual planes in your squadron and lead them to victory!